Fun! Japan Reporter Recruitment


Please share your experience about Japan with us.

English, Bahasa Melayu, or Chinese is OK.

Hello Pakcik, Makcik, Abang, Kakak, Adik…
Kongsilah sikit kenangan atau hobi anda tentang Jepun dengan kami?

 (1) Kenangan anda 10 tahun dulu semasa belajar di Jepun (dengan gambar lama)
 (2) Kelas Ikebana/Judo/Origami yang anda hadiri setiap minggu di Penang.
 (3) Homestay di Kampung yang aman damai di Jepun.

We are looking for Fun! Japan reporter!!
Please share with us about anything related to Japan.

 (1) Your recommendations for Japanese restaurants in Bukit Bintang area.
 (2) Collection of Maps and tickets which you keep for your last solo trip in Hokkaido.
 (3) The way to remember 10 Japanese Kanji words each day.


[How to apply]

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- Fun! Japan member (if you haven’t register, click here)
- Love Japan, live in Malaysia, 18 years old or more
- Willing to cooperate as FJ reporter
- Currently stay in Malaysia, and able to write report about Japan-related things. Length is 300 words, with 5-10 photos.
- At least “try” to submit one report a month.
- Agree to term that photos, videos, articles that the reporter provides may be used by Fun! Japan for promotion purpose (Article and image copyright will be attributed to all Fun! Japan)
- Hold at least an account of either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +,
- People work for with Fun! Japan is not part of selection target
- There will be no fee for reporting cost and article

We are recruiting Fun! Japan Reporter from time to time.
We will contact the applicant in the beginning of the month in the following month.

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