Where should we visit in Gunma?

Gunma Prefecture is counted as one of the suburb area, thus, it’s comparatively accessible from Tokyo. In Gunma, you can experience of traditional Japanese culture which you are not able to experience in Tokyo. In this article, I’d like to pick up three spots and one food!

1. Kusatsu Hot Springs
2. Oze National Park
4. Soul Food / Fried Rice cake

1. Kusatsu Hot Springs


As Japan’s most famous Hot Springs Spot, Kusatsu has been in an impregnable position since 500 years ago. Spring water gushing out from core part of city is efficacious against diabetes, burnt, fatigue softening, relieving stiff shoulder...etc. Since having a strong restriction relating to scenery preservation, the Kusatsu has truly traditional Japanese scenery! Let’s stay the fancy Japanese styled hotel and enjoy a town walk with Yukata (Japanese traditional dress code)!

Bus: There are multiple direct JR highway buses from Tokyo.Mainly from Shinjuku JR Highway Bus Terminal to Kusatsu. The one way trip costs about 3300 yen and takes about four hours.


2. Oze National Park
By: kwkd
from Flickr

Oze National Park is popular hiking spot, located in north-west of Gunma. Here is also well known for plants diversity. Its vast plateau area was formed 10,000 years ago. One of the best unspoiled nature spot in Japan. Almost areas have boardwalks. About 8 square kilometer in size.


Tokyo Station
↓ Railway (About 210 min.)
Aizukogen Ozeguchi
↓ Bus (About 120 min.) *Service suspended from November to March


3. Tobu Treasure Garden
TANAKA Juuyoh from Flickr

 Have a great time with a thousand of flower’s view! This flower garden is located in Tatebayashi city. They offer a party /wedding space and services such as music playing and food caterings and other party equipments. Of course you can also visit just for sightseeing!

Entrance Fee 600~1000 Yen
Cherry Blossom and Moss phlox season. During the end of March to early May
Home Page

Tokyo Station
↓ Utsunomiya Line 52min
Kuki Station
↓ Tobu Isesaki Line 26min
Morinji-Mae Station
↓ 15min walk
Tobu Treasure Garden


4. Soul Food / Fried Rice cake

Lastly, let me introduce Gunma’s local food ‘Fried Rice Cake’ which is miso-tasted fried rice cake having a great popularity from local people. There is even Fried Rice Cake Festival in Gunma! Since adding brown sugar, its taste is salty with a hint of sweetness. Texture is rather similar to bread than rice cake. The inside is fluffy and outside is crispy. About 200 Yen per one stick. Do try it!