Which one would you like to buy the most?


This is WOAH! JAPAN Ginza Branch!
A popular spot for foreigner tourists♪

Under JR Overpass next to Yurakucho Mullion
2-4-10 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo Japan
TEL : 03-3287-2961

Wow….! There are so many attractive things here!
Not only Mt.Fuji Rocks Glass, but also you can also find Japanese cosmetics/ Yukata, and some nice hand crafts. 

Here is special coupon for WOAH! JAPAN Shop in Ginza. 
You’ll get 8% tax-free service if your entire purchase(including tax)is more than ¥5,400 after applying the 5%off coupon.

Well, what is your choice? What would you like to buy? 
Please vote for the product which you want to buy.

Voting Campaign 1: Vote for Product You Want to Buy.
All participants get 1,000 Fun! Japan Points♪

Voting Campaign 2: Vote for the most popular result in “Voting Campaign 1”
(You can continue to this campaign, at the last page of the previous campaign.)
If your prediction is correct for the No.1 Ranking, you get additional 1,000 points!
If your prediction is correct for both No.1 & No.2 Ranking, you get additional 2,000 points!

・Voting Period: 1st June 2017 ~ 30th June 2017
・Ranking result: 10th July 2017

Don’t miss this chance to collect some points, as the next Free Visit Japan Campaign is just around the corner. Let’s think about this: What you want to buy? What other people want to buy? 

Stay tuned for the ranking result♪
Again, don’t miss the chance to get some points!!

Discount campaign at Woah Japan!! 
12:00, 1 June 2017(Thu)~11:59, 30 June 2017(Fri)

This Campaign has already passed over