[What's new in Japan!] The Theme for "Pino Fondue Cafe" in 2017 is "#Pinogenic"!

This café enables one to feel the desirable "Experience the Pinogenic Pino" or "#Pinogenic" as the latest theme for year 2017. One can enjoy the appetising “Pino” which will temp everyone to take pictures of their Pino as memories.


Decorate Your Own Pino!

You will have the luxurious options to decorate Pino Ice which has not been chocolate-coated yet. Your options include using Pino chocolate syrup or marshmallow cream which are only available in this store. Other toppings and charms are also available. Besides that, one can write their lovely messages or drawings using chocolate pen to make it Pinogenic. This is a limited menu which only available in this store. This menu will only cost you 400 yen (tax included) per serving (1 person) which includes six Pino ice and variety of toppings.

[1] Pino ice: 3 types (vanilla + 2 types of selection, 2 pieces each, 6 pieces in total)

Besides 2 pieces vanilla, you can select 2 flavours from the selection of 1. chocolate, 2. Matcha, and 3. Grape (★). You will be given 2 pieces for each selected flavour.


[2] Chocolate syrup: 2 flavours (semi-sweet + 1 option)

Semi-sweet chocolate is fixed. You can select either Matcha chocolate or grape chocolate.

"Semi-sweet chocolate" which is rich in chocolate
1. “Matcha Chocolate” which is delicious with a well balance of umami and bitterness of Matcha
2. "Grape chocolate" which smells good.


[3] Topping: 2 types

Choose 2 types from all six variety of toppings to decorate Pino fondue.
1. "Black crunch" – bitter and crunchy
2. "Strawberry crunch" – sweetness and sourness of strawberry
3. 'Colorful Chocolate Chip' – hard and joyful
4. "Almond praline" – crispy and fragrant
5. "Alasan" – glittering candy
6. "Dried fruits" - Sweetness and sourness of fresh fruits


[4] Marshmallow Cream: 1 type

Marshmallow cream is freshly made and only available in this store.
With a soft texture, combining with ice and chocolate which brings you "new sense of taste".


[5] Charm: 1 set

A decoration item to design Pino in cute form.
2 round shape, 1 heart shape charm


[6] Pinogenic set (★)

<Set contents>
1 canvas plate, 1 tart, 1 biscuit


[7] Chocolate pen (★): 1

A chocolate pen that allows various decorations and arrangements. Either brown or white.


You can enjoy it in Tokyo and Osaka!

■Harajuku, Tokyo
Period: 7th July 2017 (Fri) – 30th August 2017 (Wed)
Business Hours: 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 Last Order: 20:30
Place: 3F, Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku
(Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, 4-30-3 Tokyo)

■Umeda, Osaka
Period: 13th July 2017 (Thurs) – 10th September 2017 (Sun)
* Closed on 21st August 2017 (Mon)
Business Hours: 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 Last Order: 20: 30
Location: Media Court, 1F, BREEZE BREEZE
(2-4-9 Umeda Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture)
* "Pino Fondue Café" might have minor changes for outlet design, flavour, etc.