[What’s new in Japan!] Ice Bar from Morozoff

Morozoff, a brand which expanded their business to confectionery production & sales, café and restaurant has released their photogenic product, “The Maker’s” ice bar.
Besides fully making use of the fresh ingredient, Morozoff released this new product to bring you the handmade deliciousness ice bar. It was developed with the impression that the chef handmade the ice bar just for you. Six different flavours are available for this series.

Strawberry milk 370 yen (tax excluded)
A milky ice base, added with strawberry slice and some dice strawberry , a vibrant ice bar for your eyes.

The ice bar filled with the lemon mince, and topping with the lemon slice. Besides, the ice bar has the slight honey smell. ※ Mince at here means "The lemon cut into mince type".

Orange 370 yen (tax excluded)
The ice bar made from the orange juice which filled with minced orange, topping with orange slice.

Mixed Fruits 370 yen (tax excluded)
A luxury milky ice bar which filled with yellow peach, orange, pineapple and blueberry.

Cookies Crunch 370 yen (tax excluded)
This ice bar made from the Vanilla ice mixed with black crunch biscuit, and decorated with chocolate.

Uji Macha 370 yen (tax excluded)
The Uji Macha ice bar is filled with chestnut and Dainagon Azuki, and decorated with white chocolate.

Introductory period and store details
Morozoff sales shop nationwide, limited sale at selected event 
※ Sequentially from June to August.

Higashi Ikebukuro(6/29~8/16)
Atre Kichijoji(6/30~7/12)
Yamagataya Kagoshima(7/11~7/17)
Umeda Hanshin (7/12~8/15)
Higashi Yoko Noren (7/20~8/30)
Sogo Yokohama(7/26~7/31)
JR Kyoto Isetan (7/26~8/8)
Hankyu Hakata(7/26~8/15)