Akita Antenna Shop “Akita Bisai Kan” in Tokyo

Akita Antenna Shop “Akita Bisai Kan” in Tokyo

Information about Akita prefecture

Akita prefecture is in the north-east of Tohoku facing Japan Sea. It takes about 1 hour from Tokyo by airplane or 4 hours by Shinkansen. Akita is a really beautiful prefecture with different colors of 4 seasons and onsens (hot springs) are so popular because of its cold weather in winter. Also Akita prefecture is famous for “Akita Bijin” (秋田美人) meaning “Akita Beauty”, and is well- known that there are a lot of beautiful ladies in Akita. People in Akita have beautiful white skin because Akita have a short sunlight hours and of course delicious and nutrient-rich Akita food making them more beautiful. 


Recommended Akita Antenna Shop

As I mentioned, Akita is kind of far from Tokyo. If you would like to check out Akita, just stop by Shinagawa and visit Akita Antenna Shop “Akita Bisai Kan”. It is about 5-minute walk from Shinagawa Station and you can get variety of Akita food there. It has a restaurant inside too, so if you are looking for somewhere to eat in Shinagawa you can give this restaurant a try.


Akita Sake

Akita has a great rice crops which means they have nice sake. You can buy great bottles of sake from Akita.



Because the rice is delicious there, snacks made from rice are also popular. Iburigakko is one of their popular special products. Iburigakko is a pickle of Japanese radish that was pickled after smoked. The aroma of smoke makes you want more rice.


Goma Mochi

This is “Goma mochi” (Sesame mochi) that is the best seller of this shop.



Butter Mochi and Kurumi Mochi

Butter mochi and kurumi(walnut) mochi are also popular. They are all less than 200 yen (about US$2) so you can just grab and enjoy different mochis.


Akita Bisai Kan Restaurant

If you are in Shinagawa during lunch time, you should have a lunch at the restaurant in “Akita Bisai Kan”. They have all the Akita special food – Inaniwa Udon, Hinai Jidori(chicken), and Kiritanpo Nabe (hotpot with rice sticks).


Akita Marugoto Nabe Gozen

My favorite of their menu is Akita Marugoto Nabe Gozen (あきたまるごと鍋御前) at 2,060 yen. You can have all the Akita specialty food, Inaniwa Udon, Hinai Jidori, and Kiritanpo Nabe on one plate with iburigakko and Junsai (water shield).

Akita Bisai Kan sometimes have fun events and they have a market second Saturdays every month where you can get fresh vegetables and other agricultural products from Akita.


■Akita Bisai Kan
Hours: 11:00~ 23:00
Lunch: 11:00~ 16:00
Dinner: 17:00~ 23:00

Address: Wing Takanawa WEST III 1F, Takanawa 4-10-8, Minato-ku, Tokyo