Hard to Get Tickets! For the Band Which Presents the Theme Song for “Gin Tama”!

Many Songs from Them Became Theme Song for Anime !

Do you know UVERworld that sings the theme song for the Blue Exorcist (青の祓魔師 京都不浄王篇) TV Anime?
Blue Exorcist >>>  https://youtu.be/UHxXxXQiM9Q

Even the theme songs for Blue Exorcist TV Series in year 2011, cinema version in year 2012 are presented by them. Those songs blended well with the Anime. This time, “DECIDED”, the new song from UVERworld is chosen to be the theme song for Gin Tama Movie which debut at 14th July 2017.
Besides that, the theme song for “BLEACH” 2nd series, and the “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” (second season, first stage) are also presented by them.

The Hottest Rock Band in Japan Now

UVERworld team members consist of 6 people originally from Shiga, Japan. This year is the 17th year for their combination, and they are generating hit songs for TV programs and movies’ theme song. Band members especially TAKUYA∞ vocalist is sending powerful messages in their live stage. Their performance is undoubtfully world class.

New Album Release After 3 Years

UVERworld released a new album “TYCOON” after 3 years.
This album covers 18 songs including “DECIDED” which is the theme song for Gin Tame (銀魂), ”Itteki no Eikyo(一滴の影響)” which is the opening theme song for Blue Exorcist (青の祓魔師 京都不浄王篇), “Q.E.D.” which is the ending theme song for “MIDNITE TV Series” in Nippon TV, and so on. This album is 78m 59s long! Do not miss it.

First-run Limited Edition

Normal Edition

Fan Club Member Privileges

The “Neo SOUND WAVE” fan club for UVERworld is the only authorized official fan club. This “Neo SOUND WAVE” fan club is distributing all kinds of service and contents regarding UVERworld. It is now recruiting new members. Many member privileges are offered, such as member-only live concert and magazines that reveal deeper information about UVERworld etc.
Member Privileges
- Priority to pre-book tickets which are difficult to get
- Higher probability to get a live concert tickets
- Access to member-only websites,  etc.
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