Never Been Here Before? After Tokyo, You Should Visit Tohoku! If You Conquer Tohoku, Then You Are Not a Beginner Traveller Anymore!


Start from this month, we will try to tell you how amazing these 6 prefectures in Tohoku area are! The themes will be: The Superb View, The Gourmet That You Should Never Miss, The Traditional Festivals, The Ryokan with Nice Yukata etc.

After Tokyo, Tohoku is a good choice for you.
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This is the first article for this series. Beside showing you overall about the charm Tohoku, we will also introduce you how to buy & use the ticket, and how to ride the bus. Believe me, you do not want to miss the chance to know about this good deal!

Do You Know Where Tohoku is?

Have you heard about Tohoku area?


It is located just below the Hokkaido, at the northern part of Japan. It consists of Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Yamagata, and Fukushima prefectures. It is area with rich natural environment, wide variations of food, and a lot of beautiful places.

We will talk roughly about nice spots for each prefecture this time. For detail, please check our next articles ♪

First, we start with Miyagi Prefecture, where Sendai is located. When we talk about Miyagi, we should never forget about nice food from Sendai like, beef tongue, seafood Kira-kira Bowl Rice, Zunda (young soybeans paste). Especially Zunda, the trendy food now is Zunda Shake, Zunda Mochi! As there are Halal restaurant here too, Muslim can enjoy the food here without any worries too. ♪



Many of the tourist spots, has its’ beauty for each season. For example, with the cruising in Matsushima, you can enjoy Sakura during spring, and the red leaves during autumn. The scene will chance total for the same spot.


Next is Aomori!
Aomori, has the one of the biggest festivals, namely Nebuta Festival. It is very famous that more than 3000 thousands people visit this place during that period.

Besides that, Aomori has one of the “3 Best Sakura Spots in Japan”. It is the Sakura Festival at the Horosaki Park (弘前公園).
Spring too, summer too, autumn too, the natural here at Okuse River will never disappoint you!

Next, is Iwate prefecture
Iwate has many types of noodles. The cold Reimen (冷麺) which is good for hot summer, the Wanko Soba (わんこ蕎麦) which challenge you to eat as much bowl as you can, the JaJa-men (じゃじゃ麺) which is the soul food for Iwate!



Another trendy spot! The Geibikei (猊鼻渓)! This picture show the red leaves during autumn. You can enjoy the slow journey by boat. The view is just impressive!

Here comes the Akita! The Kamamura Snow Dome (かまくら) is not something that you should miss. During the Snow Festival in Yokote, there are more than 100 snow dome for you to have a cup of hot drink, or even enjoy hot pot inside it!

Akita is famous for its’ Onsen too. Nyuto Onsen (乳頭温泉) is one of the representative Onsen, which always stays on the top for Onsen ranking. Look! The white color hot spring!

Next is Yamagata prefecture.
During the snow season, the Zao Hard Rime(蔵王の樹氷) is just a masterpiece! With the light up at night, the hard rime just looks good. You can enjoy the thrilling icebreaker ship to move among the ice.

Also, the Ayame Festival in June, the Rose Festival during Autumn etc., is a favorite spot to enjoy flowers among female travellers.


The last one is Fukushima.
The Kitakata Ramen (喜多方ラーメン) will the topic when you are talking about gourmet for Fukushima.
There are people who visit this place, just to eat this Ramen!

In fact, the dumplings (餃子) is also famous! The signature dish is Round Plate Dumpling (円盤餃子), with only dumplings on a round place. What is more special about the dumpling is the inner paste is usually health, with 7:3 = vegetable: meat ratio.

How to get the Highway Bus Ticket Unlimited Ride Pass?

First, we explain the method to get a ticket, and to ride the bus♪

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[3] When you are in Japan, exchange your voucher to real ticket at ticket office in Tohoku area. Passport and confirmation email with voucher image are needed when obtaining your ticket. This is a list where you can get your ticket. There is no need to worry, as most of the main stations are covered!


[4] This sticker indicates the bus that you can use. Just ride it!


[5] Please show your ticket to the bus driver when go into the bus.

Bus routes can be checked at Japan Bus Online
Please take note that some of the buses need booking in advanced.

What is The Best Way to Reach Tohoku from Tokyo?


For your convenient, we recommend you start your trip in Tohoku from Sendai Station, Miyagi.
Just around 90 minutes is needed to travel from Tokyo Station to Sendai Station using Tohoku Shinkansen.
Of cause the JR Railway pass is useable for this Shinkansen route!

You can transit to Sendai Airport by flight, just after your arrival at Narita Airport too!
The flight takes around 1 hour, and it is a journey or 30 minutes’ drive to Sendai Station after that.

We will suggest few bus trip itineraries in our next articles!
Stay tuned!