Let's get FP!!

What are Fun! Japan Points (FJP)?

We have a special reward points program. You can get points by participating in one of our surveys (Fun! Japan Rewards) or by joining other activities on this Website.
You cannot exchange FJP for cash or prizes, but you can use FJP for campaigns that we will hold on this site.
Collect as many FJP as you can, and save them for those future campaigns. You can enter our campaigns as many as times as you want and use the FJP you have collected.

How to check your FJP balance

Login to the Fun! Japan Website, look at the top right of the screen and you will see your FJP balance just to the left of your username.


How to get and save FJP

First, you need to register to get FJP

•Register as a member in our website: 5,000 FPs

•Log in bonus: 20 FPs for each day you log in!

•Join the Fun! Japan Rewards: The number of points that you get depends on the survey
•Making comments, share and favorite: Get 50 FPs for comment, 10 FPs for share and 

  10FPs for favorite. You can get FP for one comment, share and favorite per article.
•Invite your friend to become Fun! Japan member: 1,000 FPs per friend ,

 up to 10 people in a month


Expiration date of FP

Your Fun! Japan Point (FJP) will expire 365 days after your final login.